Thursday, January 8, 2009

calendar creations (tutorial)

So remember the link to the really cute FREE calendar from a few days ago? Well, I got about half of what I have planned to make finished, so I thought I would go ahead and share. I think a calendar is a great gift and the month of January still provides a good time for giving! I am having some friends over in about a week, so I am going to make a stack of these up, and put them in a basket as a little gift/favor. Fun, huh?!
Anyway, to print the calendars, click the above link. Next, I used some simple binder clips. These actually came from a combo pack from the $1 Store, and had 15 in the box I think. Some are too small, so I need to grab another set.

1. I measured the clip, which is about 2.25" and cut some strips of patterned paper to that width. Then I just roughly estimated how long to make it by wrapping it around the clip, and cutting off at the edge with scissiors.

2. I painted mod podge directly onto the clip and adhered paper the paper smoothing it out as best I could. After I attached all the paper, I went back and painted each with mod podge. Let this dry thoroughly. (I may add 2009 with a Dymo Labeler.)

3. I got out a bag of my ribbon scraps and sifted through those and just began cutting little pieces and randomly tying them around the silver metal part of one side of each binder clip. I used 4 "bows" on each clip.

4. Clip your 12 months together and hang from a nail! I plan to put mine much closer to my desk for easy reference but right now it is on my wall by the door of my office/craft haven.

(see that little ow hanging from my Ikea treel?--I made that too!) Oh, the vinyl rub on owl is from Etsy: Elephannie.
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M said...

So cute! I've been searching for a binder clip around my house (with no luck) so I've got mine being held together with a potato chip bag clip. Classy.

I'll link to your blog for the tutorial!

Kelly said...

love need to have a craft 101 class. How does January 19th sound??? Kelly

DSBRansom said...

Very cute! Thanks for the comment, I fixed my pic.

Mandy Coffey said...

found you via twitter sewchatty mention....

this is cute! i'd love for you to bring your creations to my blog party tomorrow @