Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the half birthday...

I would like to know when this phenomenon started? Back in "my day" you had your birth date to celebrate, typically one party on that day alone. Now, kids (mine included) have a family party (or two) and a kids party and the darned celebrating can continue a week plus depending on what day all those parties fall on. I have accepted this (for now.)
But I am a wee hard pressed to embrace this half birthday idea. Translation: my kids are born in July, so they do not have a B'day to celebrate during the traditional school year. Enter: the half birthday.
In pre-school with Olivia, I just sort of ignored it and that worked, so I have done the same with Shelby. Fast forward to grade school: Olivia's school acknowledges birthdays with a monthly Birthday Bash which means they get a free lunch of pizza, drink and cupcakes during their regular lunch period plus a little party favor. Ok, this is nice but I have found myself this week having baked two dozen cupcakes TWICE b/c I contributed to that and now tomorrow she is bringing them in as her snack for her class.
So my point? I have baked 48 Birthday cupcakes and I do not have a family member with a birthday in January?!
Different but related, I also have to bake cookies for a school Open House on Sunday! I don't have to, but I volunteered to :) Pin It

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Mrs. Incredible said...

I don't celebrate my birthday any longer, just the "xx" anniversary of my 27th birthday. It's great because people don't take the time to add and figure out my age. p.s. You have won 6 boxes of CD GS me your address.