Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am feeling a strong desire to...

Quilt. Yes, quilt. And what I like does not look like something easy to pull off. This particular group on Flickr strikes my fancy: Fresh Modern Quilts. I was going to make a mosaic showing a bunch of my favs, but I could not figure it out so please, click and go look. I have narrowed it down to some things that are really speaking to me and one is the mostly white background with the bright shots of color. Also, I love the really modern quilt back approaches, like just one off center strip of color in the center of a sea of white. I also like the free style ideas with houses, and trees and owls. I think I am mentally preparing to try the lap quilt in the Bend The Rules Sewing book, which is really what shot me out of a cannon this summer into the world of sewing.
There is a flickr group for this too, where people submit their projects. Love that inspiration. And today I found a new group for Anna Maria Horner's new book, Seams to Me, as well. I have yet to see this book, although I ordered a copy to be sent to my library, I can already tell from the Flickr viewing I will need to purchase it so I can have it for keeps. Here is one just simply, striking piece of handiwork:

by the author herself. Wow.

Ok, so back to me and the thinking about attempting to quilt (that is the stage I am at right now.) I have gone so far as to call a sewing store and I plan to take my old, simple machine in to find how to "lower the feed dogs" and perhaps buy a few different "feet". I do want a zipper foot which has nothing to do with quilting, just another little item on my wish list of things I really want, practically need, yet did not know existed a year ago. The man who answered the phone, and my questions, was trying to be kind when I identified my sewing machine and did not come right out and say I need a serious upgrade, but he hinted at it. No budget for that presently but who knows about someday.

I leave with you with a sample of the lap quilt I dream about, I mean think about making:

I took the huge liberty of sharing this from feebeefee's flickr photo stream. There are many others where this one came from to inspire you.

Quilts. Quilting. Sewing. Who am I?!

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