Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the lap quilt continues

Let me first say, I am learning a LOT. I am enjoying the process and will try this again. Maybe something smaller but more quirky like this kind of stuff: mini art quilts. I am all over flickr and the inspiration right now. I am now attaching the binding which is what intimidated me most. I have struggled with the corners, and they are sewn (incorrectly) to the front side but I am OK with moving on, this being my first quilt ever. I think I know what I did wrong so next time, I might beautifully mitre my corners. I am pretty sure I mastered this blind stitching too so add that to my list of things I thought impossible. I have asked myself often: just who am I?! For instance, today I ate soup from a can. And you know what? It really was good! I had the Progresso Light Vegetable Soup and it was tasty (thanks to my friend Amy for vouching for it). Now, I am not on Weight Watchers but I do know anything you can eat that equals 0 points, is a darned good thing. So I, ate mine, with crackers. And some cheese too. I am a rebel.
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