Thursday, January 29, 2009

a winter storm, lots of ice, a sick kid and the kid who loves the cold...

So, we got 4-5 inches of snow, then a nice thick layer of ice, and then more snow on top. That was yesterday. I walked down the driveway and risked my life by standing under these very ice-laden drooping trees for some pictures. I also took two steps out my back door for the icicles in a row photo.

One kid has had a cold and a fever off and on. The other spent way too much time outside yesterday. I cannot admit the actual length of time should it somehow be against the law, and the authorities seek me out. She loves it though. And for the first time ever, her Dad took her to the big hill around the corner. If you are wondering how I came to have a pic of this, it is b/c I drove around said corner, in Dave's jeep to get them...and to pick up the little sickie who insisted on going along but who I knew would not, could not last.
We are on our 3rd snow day too. So cabin fever might have begun to set in but I was forced out of my warm house long enough to take the little one to the doctor only to find out she seems to have a bad cold. On our return, we got McDonalds which was just the taste of civilization we all needed.
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