Saturday, January 24, 2009

the lap quilt is underway

I am seriously amazed by the progress I have made so quickly--since late yesterday afternoon. It is now 1:45, one day later and I have it to this point. Three strips "stitched in the ditch" which means to sew directly over the seam only I am not the straightest at that so a lot of inconsistencies are apparent. I think this also had to do with fabric choice (stronger contrast in places) and also that I am using white thread. I am still just thrilled. It is definitely puckering up and I cannot wait to wash it. I am hoping it comes out looking already well worn and loved. One more shout out to Amy Karol and Bend the Rules Sewing which is where this pattern is from and where I really got enlightened and empowered to try all this. Also, I was able to install my "walking foot" and it literally just feeds this thick quilt through the machine like a dream. And I have one el-cheapo, yet hard-working machine. Stay tuned.
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