Friday, January 23, 2009

my first ever, quilted anything!!

I did it! I made this bag! I cut all the squares last night, and completed the rest today. This was my quilting test as I am seriously considering a major sewing machine upgrade so I wanted be sure this whole quilt-y idea was something I could not only do, but like. Uh, yea, I think I like it.
This bag came from a tutorial here and frankly, it must be pure genius b/c I did it with no issues. I lined mine with natural looking muslin and did not turn it first (mistakenly thinking that both sides could be considered the right side), so I have two exposed seams in the lining, otherwise it worked. Oh, I am also not 100% I did the ties right but I love this idea for handles b/c it is really simple. And I got 25 yards of that cord for $1.99 at Hobby Lobby today. I think that might be a lifetime supply!
As for what I spent on fabric, that will not be revealed here. Actually, I am never going to reveal it anywhere for it is proof I have totally gone insane!
That last photo was my first completed side and I was so darned proud around about 8:30 this morning, all jacked up on coffee, wearing my pj's and sewing for all I was worth! A special thanks to my cooperative sidekick: Shelby.
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