Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i made a curtain!!

Fabric for curtain is from Ikea. Super quality. I lined it in white cotton and hung it on a simple rod from Target with drapery clip rings. The orange lantern is from Ikea too. I am just testing that idea out, I bought a white one as well and thought since I had hooks up in the ceiling, from the previous owner, maybe I'd use them. I think I need to hang them from a more attractive clip, and vary the length. Any input? (Note the green cushion propped against the wall...I am seriously nervous to cut that fabric off and challenge myself to recover that whopper!)
Close up of my pretty curtain and some welcome sunshine!

The next pillow will be this brown floral. Right now, the towel is just draped over the old green one. Oh, the bolster is from Ikea. Gotta go back and get another of those. They vacuum pack a lot of their pillows so I am still waiting to see if this one can truly pop back into it's intended shape. Right now, I am rather liking the "naked" wood top of the window seat so I may just go with that for awhile. (Can you smell my fear of recovering the cushion?!)
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