Monday, February 23, 2009

i made a pillow!

Out of two dishtowels!! My window seat in my upstairs hallway needs a serious update (check out the green plaid seat cushion and forest green pillow below). I had started to think about extending my office color scheme out there: oranges, greens and pop some blue. I figured I'd head to the fabric store, maybe even IKEA and start looking.
However, I ended up at Target yesterday and saw all this darling Orla Kiely stuff. I bought some plates to hang on the wall and 4 dishtowels. I figured it was a minimal investment especially since I had never even made a pillow cover before. I used this tutorial, and I was finished in under 30 minutes! I need to find curtains before I change much else. I will show you a look that never quite looked right, and my plans for replacing it. I am thinking a single valance is best so as not to compete with what I do on the seat itself. Right now, I have 3 of the green pillows to recover and then I want to add a few in different sizes. Because of that, the seat cushion may need to remain a solid too...

I am feeling all creative so I made this page too! My girls made this fort on Friday and spent most of the weekend enjoying it. Not a great photo but a fun story. All elements and papers from Dipped In Love kit, alpha by Krystal Hartley.

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1 comment:

Aunt Kelly said...

Olivia and Shelby....I love your fort. Please invite me over sometime to see it.
Love Aunt Kelly