Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Showcase #2 (cool stuff from the web and beyond)

First, I have a good friend who sends Valentine's cards each year instead of Christmas cards. Love that idea. It gives me something fun to look forward to as she is super creative, always sending the freshest piece of stationary available and a summary of her family's life. Good stuff. She also has been known to send Valentine's gifts as well. I know, it is something! This year my girls received these:

Personalized Plates: fontaine maury . They are totally the cutest and so unique.
and the rest of the list goes like this:
Digital Kit: Photogenic from O Scraps. I LOVE this. Great style, great camera icons, quotes, just a perfect all around kit.
Address and Name stamps: Letter Girl on Etsy. Wonderful, whimsical designs. Rubber stamps and self inking stamps.
Camera Necklace: Cinnamon Sticks on Etsy. This is similar to my great necklace by Lisa Leonard that has my girls' names on it. I adore this style and coupled with the vintage camera, it could not be more perfect. Check out the whole shop here. (Are you detecting a camera theme from me?)
Free fonts: Fonts for Peas. If you like Handwriting fonts, this is the place for you. Check often b/c they add new fonts all the time. And if you want a font of your own writing, they can do that too!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend. I woke up and looked out the front window and instantly recognized that something was different. Was it the sun shining? Not really. The wind was no longer blowing? Nope. It was green (sorta) grass visible everywhere! We had been buried under snow for over two weeks so this change of scenery is welcome. And with temps in the 40's, maybe my kids will play outside! Pin It


ccolopy said...

Cool stuff!
Thanks for the info!

Pecanpie said...

Thank you for the mention!
Haile@Fontaine Maury

Maggie May said...

wow you have great info! thanks :)