Sunday, February 15, 2009

sunday showcase #3

We have been enjoying a laid back weekend here. Yesterday, my husband planned a little informal dinner, cleaned the house (the downstairs at least) in preparation for a few friends to join us, bought some delicious steaks, a few other accompaniments were brought by friends and then, he cleaned up afterward! Yea, me.

Now for the good stuff:

***Insta Snow link now corrected***
Insta Snow--this stuff was way cool, even for the above 7-8 year old crowd. I highly recommend this for schools, parties, magic shows.... new, super well done site with a daily, worthwhile message + fabulous pictures and layouts.
credit card/debit card/ business card holder--The tutorial begins as a tea bag holder, also cute, but I love the small changes noted at the end to create another version. I have this on my to-do list.
Lorna Doone 100 calorie pack--these are so yummy, but yes, they are very small. I could eat all 6 packs at one sitting. I haven't. But I could. Pin It

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susan said...

Hi Tracy - it sounds like you had a great weekend. Thank you for the Insta-Snow link, but unfortunately the link is broken. If your kids liked Insta-Snow, you may want to try my favorite polymer kit, Clear Spheres. They grow in water and you can dye them different colors as they grow. I haven't met a kid who hasn't been completely fascinated.