Friday, February 13, 2009

my valentines...and a thank you never goes out of style

Yesterday, both girls had parties at school. The top pic is my cutie Shelby. Below, is Olivia with her tongue out, surrounded by other classmates. They were playing a snowball game where the kid opposite you was throwing a marshmallow and trying to get it in their partner's mouth. Totally simple, totally fun. I am the room mom for her class and some times, I just feel down and overwhelmed. I did more of a "snow day" theme vs. hearts and love. It is nice to see the kids really enjoy what I have chosen, discovered, purchased and/or do. I will share the BIG hit of the party during my Sunday Showcase. And this is a really great ego booster...not 1 hour after the party, a parent called to thank me AND say what a superstar I was b/c her kid was totally thrilled. I thanked her for calling b/c it meant that much. It might save me from a planned early retirement from this whole room mom occupation! Seriously, a phone call, and a written note, never go out of style.
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