Sunday, March 15, 2009

creations from the new sewing machine + sunday showcase

A few things created yesterday with my new sewing machine. Proof that I mastered threading a bobbin and threading the machine!
Pennants being prepared for a bunting I am going to make for above the "dessert table" at O's 1st Communion Party.
My second Orla Kiely pillow!, love this one even more than the first.
My sewing machine on it's perch in my office/craft room.
A simple (yet mind blowing to me) stitch done on the bottom of a linen napkin. I had this pre-made napkin and just added this decorative stitch so I could check things out. I truly did not know what I had been missing in the sewing world! This took about 1.5 minutes. Oh, the possibilities.


Local Edition:

Women's Smart Talk Series-March 17, the speaker is Billie Jean King...and I am going!
Kroger--$25 to spend if you transfer a prescription to the Kroger Pharmacy. They add it right on to your Kroger plus card. I am feeling like that "found" money could be used to my some magazines :)
etsycincinnati: a local blogger has a feature periodically on local etsy sellers. I'd love a connection to this is a broader sense, such as where locally they sell their goods or if they attend local art fairs? If you know, please leave a comment!

Worldwide Blogosphere:
(photo from pink lemonade's etsy shop)
pink lemonade: crazy cute bags from this etsy seller.
the meanest mom blog: darn, this lady is funny, however, i can also appreciate that she is really just posting from the trenches. the day i read it, i delivered my own child to school tardy and had to laugh out loud at her account.
modish biztips: good advice no matter who you are, and presented creatively. i am so drawn to the whole entrepreneurial spirit, especially women, who are becoming independent, crafty, business owners. there is so much opportunity to do what you love...and to do it well.
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