Saturday, March 14, 2009

a new sewing machine for me!

Last night, the old Singer StyleMate pretty much breathed it's last breath. I had my sister's basic machine here and knew today, I would have to start using it. And then, I met my mom for some shopping and we went into Hancock's Fabric store for me to look for fabric to make a bunting like this for Olivia's First Communion Party. About an hour later, I was the proud owner of this machine, courtesy of my Mom's generosity. The price was SO right and it is a huge step up from where I was. Who knows if I will outgrow it but I can tell you this much, the last 6 hours have been great fun! Once the sun comes up tomorrow, I will photograph some of the things I did just today. It is lightening fast, enough that it catches me by surprise when it takes off. I made another Orla Kiely pillow and lots of flags for my fabric bunting. The biggest change besides all the fancy stitch options, is that it can free motion quilt, if I ever get to that level. Pin It

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