Monday, March 30, 2009

party preparations

I have so many ideas for Olivia's party in May, many of them handmade, somewhat time-consuming. So yesterday, when winter seemingly returned to Ohio, I got a lot done! The top images are of a fabric banner I made which will be hung behind a dessert table. I read so many tutorials, saw this idea in a few books (Amanda Soule and Alicia Paulson) and viewed many beautiful images on etsy. In the end, I just went for it. I made a triangle template and cut each triangle out with that a week or more ago only to read something afterward that suggested cutting a square in half. There is always next time, right?! About the wonky stitching on the letters...I did read that sewing through the heavy heat and bond is not suggested, clearly I did not listen. So now, I am embracing a very shabby chic like look! The font is Century Gothic at about 240 for those who want to copy. I printed that in reverse and then traced those onto the heat n bond.
The bottom image is largely inspired by inchmark journal and her creative ideas. Even my color scheme is echoing her daughter's recent Bday party, which was completely unintended. I bought some Martha Stewart party decor and began to match it to those things only to realize they are all similar. For all I know, she had a hand in the MS design, she did used to work there. Cool, huh? Anyway, if anyone is interested I can kick out some detailed instructions for making this card including how to print and where to punch the circle. Inside is a swatch of the material used in the pennants.
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