Sunday, March 29, 2009

a sweet girl and her much loved bunny + sunday showcase

Bunny is a bona fide member of our family. She came as a gift when Olivia was a newborn and has been her constant companion for nearly 8 years now. I took this picture Friday morning, while she was still in bed, at her request. She wanted to have an image of her beautiful unicorn face painting, which frankly still looks pretty good after a night's sleep. We had to wash it off before school. When I opened this picture, I immediately loved the sweetness of her snuggled in next to Bunny.

Sunday Showcase:

Family Fun Magazine: I read that they are offering all of their issues online now, even past ones. I could not find it right off but it would be worth the search. They have the best ideas.

The BonBonerie: This place has crazy good cakes and treats. My past fav was their Opera Cream cake until Friday night when I sampled Carrot Cheesecake. Hands down the BEST dessert I have had in years. This is a local shout out, as it is located in Cincinnati.

Super cool, simplified quilt: I have plans for one of these in pink and brown. No recipient in mind, just a desire to make one!!

That's it. The whole fam got in on a little cleaning this morning so I don't want to entirely lose the momentum. I mean, I do, b/c I despise cleaning, but it feels good to see an improvement.
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