Monday, March 2, 2009

peace out to my 30's

I am officially 40. It's all good!!
I celebrated on Saturday night, received some fine gifts from friends, including the coldie holdie for my beer shown above. Yesterday, I got cash from the in laws and an awesome new watch from Dave and the girls. This morning I had breakfast with a college friend. Today, more stuff has arrived in the mail and from UPS. I feel like a queen. Except for the fact I need to go make dinner and fold laundry. Looks like I will still be keepin' it real in this decade.
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Kelly said...

Love the beer hugger. You are killing me with the peace sign. Love the picture, you look so young. Love your favorite sis

duckyhouse said...

Happy Be-lated. I'm newly in that decade now too! I can hardly believe it, where did the time go?