Sunday, March 1, 2009

sunday showcase and ramblings from an almost 40 year old

A short list this go around:

The Long Thread: I found this blog earlier in the week and the coaster project is what brought me there. I love those and found myself liking a lot more, as I looked around. Thos
e girls' skirts are just darling too. I also really like the look of her blog, well done!

Details by Amie: What a cool job (s)...wardrobe consultant, personal shopper, home re-organizer. Fun. And she is local. I saw a small ad in a Cincy business magazine and jotted it down. I am more of a do it yourself-er these days, forced by both budget and the urge to "knock" things off but I think the concept is great.

Ok, now for the old lady ramblings. I turn 40 tomorrow. Last night a group of friends went out to a benefit and to hear an 80's band and casually celebrate my Bday. Tons of people were dressed up in 80's gear and it was hilarious. I will not elaborate but this picture is probably worth more than a thousand words.
I am on stage with the band (typically not a good idea, this would indicate that I had been served a few adult beverages). But even less likely, is to be on stage with former Bengal, current sportscaster, Chris Collinsworth and local newscaster, Trisha Mackie. Notice, the two of them are decked out in 80's garb. My head still hurts... Pin It

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Jacinda said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day. I love reading your blog - especially the cool sites you refer to. I've got you bookmarked now :)