Thursday, April 23, 2009

a long work day...but good

So, I have this great part time job where I am required to work 8-10 hours...per week! Yes, I feel blessed and grateful, plus I actually truly enjoy it. Today I attended and worked a booth at a local Business Expo. I arrived at 7a and returned home about 2:30p. Mercy, for me that is a long day...a week's worth of work in one day!! Hee ha.
Anyway, I was fortunate enough to hear this presentation today by Brian Beaulieu, entitled
Looking for Signs of Sustainable Recovery”. He was so insightful and engaging. This economic downturn appears to be here to stay for awhile, his forecast being that we will see the start of a turnaround in 2010. I am ready for that.
The other notable thing about today's expo is the number of people who are "in transition" or "currently seeking a new position" that were in attendance. In the past, I think this would have been a strictly business to business event, but I admire those who attended who were networking to find a new job in this very tight market, approaching the booths, seeking opportunities.

On the home front...Shelby feels better and returned to school. The temps were in the low 70's so the kids-and pup-can play outside. Mr. Skipper seems to be adjusting a bit more to his new life here with us. He is sleeping better at night and more content to hang out in the kitchen behind a baby gate so I can corral some of his accidents.
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