Saturday, May 16, 2009

Blue Finch Studios

I am partnering with my ultra creative friend, Susan Young, to bring some new things to the blogging public. Heck, we are targeting the entire world wide web!
Last year, Susan, a graphic designer by trade, introduced a unique line of stationery: Wee Tidings. The product is excellent and the packaging is too cute to pass up! Our goal is to introduce a new line of products, but bring them to you in a new way...through pdf files you download straight to your own computer. What does that mean? Instead of ordering and waiting for a product to be delivered, you will download a file and be able to use it instantly (remember, I am a BIG FAN of instant gratification!). Not only that, you can use them over and over. Our ideas include cards, tags, calendars, bookmarks and we will not stop there. We also hope that the Blue Finch blog will become a resource for crafty and design ideas that Sue and I create in our everyday lives, plus those we find from other sites online.
Stay tuned to Little Birdie Secrets for a special giveaway the week of May 25th and the unveiling of some new ideas. In the meantime, check out the new Blue Finch Blog for updates and FREEBIES. Pin It

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Amy said...

downloadable cupcake PDF's would be great....soon :)like to use on an invite. or some other fun party favor!