Friday, May 15, 2009

marshmallow pops

Not really sure who to credit for this because I have seen them quite a bit on the web. The ones that stand out in my mind, were marshmallows covered in milk chocolate, with red and green sprinkles, packaged in a cute cello bag at Christmas. Those might have been to accompany a hot chocolate type of gift. Note to self: do this at Christmas.
Anyway, I bought lollipop sticks early on in my party planning with hopes of doing these, or if I really applied myself, some cupcake pops ala Bakerella. This chick is seriously creative.
Moving on...I settled on covering the marshmallows and I just winged it and they worked so well, I made more last night as teachers' gifts!

Step 1: Melt a can of vanilla icing. I used a coffee mug so it would be tall and deep, offering the best coverage. Simple stick your stick into a large marshmallow, dip, swirl and let the excess run off.
Step 2: Sprinkle with fun sprinkles. Now you can either lay these flat on waxed paper to dry and harden a bit OR poke them into a Styrofoam ball...which is what I did here.
Step 3: Keep adding marshmallow pops to your Styrofoam ball. I covered mine with glass florist marbles to weight the Styrofoam into my container. Again, just something I came up with on the fly. In the end, I also added ribbons to some.
As you can see (by clicking on the above photo to view larger) they made an nice addition to my candy bar. They were actually the biggest hit and the first thing gone that night. I was thinking they would be sweet OVERLOAD and counted on them more for their cuteness factor, but honestly, I sampled one last night, and they are good in an over the top, sweet kind of way.

As for that kid in my photo, I really have no explanation for him :)

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Kate said...

Lol, I love randome-dude :-D. The lollipops look yummy!

Mrs. Incredible said...

They're great! I've tried Bakerella's cupcake pops (yummy, but a lot of work), but always return to the marshmallow pops. A lot of "wow" factor and not much work.