Thursday, May 28, 2009

finally-a true crockpot success!

(photo from Woman's Day)
If you have read my blog for awhile, you may recall that although I just will not turn my back on the crockpot concept, it seems each thing I try has a funky taste that I just don't love. Well, the recent Woman's Day magazine had crockpot recipes with the gist being you can make a meal and not heat up the whole kitchen. It is hot and humid in Ohio this week. Hot and humid like Florida but without the ocean breeze!

So, I gave the Chinese Orange Beef a try and it was quite good. The sauce had a wonderful, orangey taste. It is sweet, so if that is not your thing, maybe add red pepper flakes? I did use stew meat, and that kinda tasted like a pot roast to me so I think maybe sirloin would be a bit better. Not sure you can cook that to death though. Also, adding the veggies at the very end kept them super crisp and bright. With brown rice on the side, it was one quick, tasty meal. Pin It

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