Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a very weird dream

I had the strangest dream last night about moving into this old apartment (formerly inhabited by a very old woman) and when I got there it was still full of her things (oh and I was alone, no family, a single girl, I was, in this dream). And the things were so appealing to me...like milk glass bowls and dishes, vintage sheets and pillowcases, really old furniture with lots of character, some begging to be re-finished. I woke up this morning nearly laughing b/c I think it stems from my new fondness for blogs that focus on vintage and me acquiring a taste for such things. I mean, I am the person who bought vintage sheet fat quarters on etsy afterall! Right after I woke up, it was all very vivid. But as they day wore on, I forgot about the dream.(photo from craftzine)

And then I ran across this photo and I tell you, this EXACT PRINT, was in my dream. Weird. I cannot even begin to interpret what this all could mean. I do know this much, I will be making a little pillowcase laundry bag :)

In other news....check out all the new etsy listings over there --------------------> from the Blue Finch Studios shop. You can get a freebie from the blog but I highly recommend purchasing a set that includes the labels. Printing on the sticker sheets is just plain fun! These would make awesome teachers' gifts. I can guarantee no one else will have the same gift and you will be the coolest mom in the school. GUARANTEED. Just print out a set of 4 or 6 or 8 and tie them up with a bow. Pin It

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Amy said...

my mom had these sheets back in the day! Too funny. I think you are an old soul at heart:)