Friday, May 8, 2009

the party is one day away

And here is some of the progress!
This table will actually house the dinner buffet. The garlands are from Martha Stewart.
Here is my pan of 24 iced cupcakes, done in a variety of coordinating designs. Many thanks to my neighbor for the instructions last week, making all of the icing for me and providing bags and tips. They turned out just adorable.
The treat boxes (also Martha Stewart) for people to fill with odds and ends from the dessert and candy bar/table.
I had my short lens on so it was hard to get far enough away to show the dessert table in progress but it goes a little something like this :)

I am beyond pleased with my OLIVIA banner now that it is in place, and there are 3 lanterns in all hanging above it. Again, those are from Miss Martha.

I have lots more cleaning to do in preparation and several more errands to run. I am off to do those now. I need to fill two tiers on that three tier cake stand and right now I have creme puffs for only one plate. I am headed to Madeira where there are two superb bakeries (Friedas and Ferraris) which I know will have some kind of white treats that will blend in just perfectly.

Olivia is really excited about what has transpired so far. I cannot believe this time in her life has arrived already. It seems I was just setting out desserts for her Baptism...which were from Ferraris!!
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