Tuesday, May 5, 2009

teacher appreciation gift:class cookbook

A year or more ago, I saw this clever idea for a class cookbook. Fast forward to now, where I am the room mom and I have students who can right well and are in the second grade. I had several 8x8 scrapbooks lying around so I used that and began by sending each child an 8x8 piece of white card stock home with simple instructions to draw a picture and/or write a note on one side. On the backside, include a recipe that could be handwritten, copied and pasted onto the page, a family fav or just plain made up by the imagination of a 7 year old. The title page was made by me from a pre-made quickpage template from Weeds and Wildflowers.
This photo is of Olivia's drawing. Her recipe is for s'mores (yep, that is what she picked not that a s'mores recipe is really necessary...however I found one online to download) so you can almost make out a campfire thing going on here.
Here is a totally cute note from one boy in the class.
And the recipe from one child alongside the drawing and message from another.

So far, I have gotten 10 pages back and there are 20 kids in the class. It really has taken me nearly no time at all, and is very low cost (free really, b/c I had the scrapbook and and an extra 10 page protectors). I know everyone is SO busy, especially at this time of year but I do hope each child participates b/c it is a sweet keepsake. And some of the recipes look darned good too!

Now, I must return to my own party preparations for this weekend. I need to begin some deep housecleaning which is so not my forte.
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