Sunday, May 3, 2009


First Communion is in the air around here! We attended one today for a friend of the family. It made me extra excited and ready to work on all the details I have planned for Olivia's big day.

The above photo is a candid from her picture night on Tuesday. I feel like this could just have easily been taken in 1979 as 2009. Although, the dresses were shorter in the 70's! It is a fun, exciting time.

I am also working on assembling a cookbook for the second grade teacher this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. It is such a busy time of year, I hope that all of the kids (with help from their parents) will turn their page back in so it represents them all. I will share photos as it develops.

Shelby only has 2 weeks of school remaining. This week she has a pizza party and a mother's day tea on the calendar. I am amazed that the school year is already winding down. *sigh*
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Kelly said...

Tracy....First Communion is such a special time. Olivia is growing up so fast. Olivia Aunt Kelly is so proud of you, and you are so beautiful. I have to stop because I am starting to tear up. Love (Aunt) Kelly :)