Thursday, June 4, 2009

i finally ordered fabric online

I have been tempted over and over by the fat quarter packs calling my name. Designer, already matched fabrics in a nice little bundle...I just needed to try it for myself.And here is what I got! The Wildwood Pack 3 from Sew Mama Sew. It is darling and I am so excited that my kids' are both on summer vacation now and that I might get some time to create some of the cool things I see online. I need to get my house in order first, and get some other things crossed off both my personal and professional to-do lists but after that, I am READY. I placed my order on Sunday night and it arrived today. Everything is packaged so nicely in cello bags, it was like a gift to me, from me :) I also picked up some half yards of Katie Jump Rope fabric that they had on sale. Caution: what I thought was red in many of the prints, from viewing them so small online, is actually orange. I love every bit I got but the one piece of "small floral red" really isn't going to go with the others. Cute on it's own though! Pin It

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