Wednesday, June 3, 2009

the target dollar spot

I struck gold tonight. Who doesn't walk by and at least pick up a few things? The temptation is always so great but tonight, I had dog collar and leash on my shopping list so imagine the thrill when I found those for a buck!!?? Seriously, they are the "nicer" dog collars with the ribbon attached to the nylon webbing. The leashes are a bit short, and the clasp is not great quality, but it will be fine for my monster dog, Skipper. I got two sets. Skipper will be ready for the July 4th Holiday, I am just sayin...

(pics to follow once the sun returns and i can catch speedy dog on film/disk)

They also had a ton of the recycled type grocery sacks in all different sizes and styles. Those Target people are just always right on the mark, huh?...pun intended! Pin It

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