Wednesday, June 10, 2009

my coin quilt progress

I laid it out in my backyard yesterday. I am pretty shocked it is to this point. I mean, it actually looks like something!
The fabrics are a mix of vintage (old sheets: yellows) and new (greys and blues from Hobby Lobby). My working option for a back right now is a butter yellow king size sheet that I have on hand, and for some reason, came out of the dryer a few weeks ago with a tear about 1 foot long?? I only discovered this after removing it from the bed a week later, a bed that my husband had made (rare, RARE thing to happen). I asked him about it and he simply said it was like that. Hmm? To his credit, he put the tear at the foot of the bed, on his side, which is why it took me another week to notice.

Alright, back to the coin quilt...because I have this large yellow piece of fabric available, I figure I might as well use it. I hope to add a strip of coins somewhere on the back too. I already bought yellow/white polka dot fabric for the binding. Typing this out makes it all sound so simple, but in reality, this quilting business is a slow go.

Also on my plate today...contemplating an Iphone purchase. That new $99 price has me tempted...BIG TIME.
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