Thursday, June 11, 2009

sun flare + photoshop actions

So my good friend Carla posted her successful attempt at sun flare recently and I thought "hmm, that is something I'd really like to try" and took it no further b/c I had no idea how to make it happen.

Not but a few days later, sun flare is the featured topic on The Pioneer Woman. It made sense to me so I made a mental note to try it.

So today, it is dreary nearly all day but around about 5p, the sun starts shining like mad and I grab my camera and give it a shot. I got lots of horrible ones. Fortunately, I started with flowers. My flare (bright blob) seems to be in the same place in all my pics, not sure how to remedy that. If you know, and leave me a comment, I will buy you a beer. (Okay, not really but if you know and can help a girl out, I sure would appreciate it.) Back to my sun flare photos...I got a few happy accidents that I am pleased with. Below are the afters and befores. The left is after some photoshop tweaking, also courtesy of the Pioneer Woman. In my mind, I am her friend. I am sure of her umpteen bizillion readers, she considers me one of her closest friends too.

Miss Shelby.

Miss Olivia

Miss O again.
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