Saturday, June 6, 2009

my patchwork pillow

First, I am so super proud of myself b/c I made it all in one night, one sitting in fact. The Alicia Paulson, pellon suggestion worked so well. I mis-measured, as per my usual, and it still turned out ok. One row of squares hung over the edge of my pellon on one end but one 1/2 of each block was on the pellon, so it still worked out fine. Also, the finished patchworked piece was a wee too small for my pillow form, so I added a 1.5" border of linen all the way around and I love it!
Ironing all 16 squares down and then sewing, does cut a lot of time off of the project. No picture of the back but I followed these instructions on Sparkle Power so the innards are removable.
I absolutely love this fabric. The one downside, it matches not one thing in my house. But really, I don't care : )
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Carla said...

this is AWESOME! i am envious of your sewing abilities. i want a cute chair pad for a chair in my office and i can't find a fabric i love...

Alicia P. said...

Oh, perfect. It is sooo pretty. Great colors.