Sunday, June 7, 2009

sunday*showcase-local edition

Here's some good stuff I have seen and sampled locally in the recent past.

First, the Acapulco restaurant by me has face painting (free but a donation is suggested) on Thursday nights. The woman there does a really great, fancy job. Lots of full face butterflies, sharks and other great creations. Above, is Olivia about 24 hours she had slept on hers and swam but with her face above water...and it still looks pretty darned good. Thursday was her last day of school so she wanted to get her face painted and not have to wash it off for school the next day. Check.

After that dinner, we attended the Frontiers Day parade. That is good old fashioned fun and the best treat is watching it through your kids' eyes. They get all giggly about batons being thrown, dogs wearing tutus spinning in circles and seeing kids they know marching in a troop or team uniform.

Oh, working out of order, on Wednesday I had lunch at Padrinos. Total yum. I will say, the salads are a bit skimpy for the price but the pizza more than makes up for it. I shared the Bruschetta pizza and it was so delicious.

Last night, Dave and I had dinner with old friends at Eddie Merlot's. Wow, good stuff. The place has a cool, casual vibe and top notch food. Not inexpensive so I suggest it for a celebration. We all shared lobster mashed potatoes. Isn't that just a crazy thing? Tasty. Very tasty. And then for dessert the 4 of us shared this brownie that the server brought table side and assembled in front of us. She poured liquor down the length of a butter knife and lit it on fire as it covered the brownie. Serious entertainment. I am having difficulty remembering but there were 2-3 more toppings after that. It was so over the top, we did not even finish it! I wish I had a forkful of it right now though.

Geez, is it any wonder my pants are all too tight? I did a lot of eating out this week.
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