Thursday, July 30, 2009

her birthday celebrated--finally

Olivia had a fever two weeks ago when this slumber party was first planned. Plan B was last night which we stuck to, despite having had a more complicated week than anticipated.

After eating pizza, the girls decorated t-shirts.
They loved it!
Next they swam, which explains the wet hair and bathing suit in this shot.

They went inside, got pajamas on, and dressed their dolls into the skirts I had made for each of them. I bought the little shirts.

By this time, it had started to drizzle so I only got this lousy shot of them in our garage. I had visions of the dolls all posed together, wearing my designs but it was not to be :)

At 10 p, we all made homemade playdoh together. Another super fun, easy, yet BIG hit. After it was all combined, they each kneaded their own portion and then colored it to their liking. I had small ziploc containers for each girl, and they put their name on those.

Now, the rest of the night did spin out of my control in that the girls moved from basement to bedroom at about 1am. I think they fell asleep around 2ish. And from about midnight on, Skipper the Dog, barked and carried on endlessly.

Still, a success though.
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