Sunday, August 2, 2009

a visit from the southern belles...

Our neighbors, have the cutest niece with a totally fun family. We met them last year when they visited in October. This weekend they returned for a few days of outdoor play and swimming.
This is the youngest belle: Sarah. She is one darling, sassy, 4 year old.
This is our neighbor's granddaughter, Colleen. My girls, especially Olivia, love when she visits too.
What the heck? This Hula Hooper lives here! Olivia is actually a quite good hooper, something I am proud to say she inherited from me. I am pretty nonathletic. Ok, totally nonathletic. So my only two claims to fame are that I can hula hoop and roller skate--the old fashioned way on 4 wheels.
And finally, a group shot of the girl power...minus Shelby.

Today, I am settling back in to life...catching up on laundry, doing a little school shopping, a bit of sewing...all things that feel comfortable and more normal than the past week has.

Side note: A week or so ago, my Mom bought me some GREAT Amy Butler fabric to make a quilt. A splurge I would have never made on myself. I have been making blocks when I can find the time and I almost done with that. I hope to start piecing them together this week. Stay tuned for pictures. As per my usual, I get antsy and need more instant gratification so today, I whipped up an Iphone holder from the patchwork leftovers from squaring up my quilt squares. It could use a few tweaks but it is functional and pretty...isn't any thing made by Amy Butler?

Alright, back to the seam ironing!
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