Friday, July 17, 2009

where did this week go?

The sad, but true answers:

dog surgery, dog's vet visits, dog gets new longer cone to prevent biting himself, feeding dog by hand each and every day, twice per day

child #2, sick with fever on Tuesday and Wednesday, add a huge dose of grumpiness on top

child #1 sick with fever beginning Thursday 5:30 pm, consistently 102 degree since then, it is now 5:01 Friday. Child #1 had her first ever Birthday sleepover scheduled for tonight which had to be canceled. When she feels really bad, she is accepting of this fate. When her meds are working a bit, she is sad, mad and less than nice.

Friday 3pm-ish, Dog has pooping episode that is left best un-described. Requires bath of half his body even though getting stitches wet is prohibited. The half of his body that needs the bath, is that half of his body.

Friday 4pm another vet appointment. Vet tells me to buy Bitter Apple to deter puppy from chewing his stitches and thus, allowing his cone to come off. Cone comes off for roughly 78 seconds with bitters applied, puppy will not leave well enough alone. He is back outside, sporting the cone, running in frantic circles, yelping.

Oh, puppy meals will now include canned pumpkin. Again, treading lightly around the topic of poop which after 3pm today, I am left unable to discuss due to above episode.

Just be glad I don't have pictures to accompany this post.

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