Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i phone wall paper and more praise

for the Scrapping and Snapping Kit! Holy Moly, I just downloaded and unzipped all 10 files and am just blown away. I feel like I should pay them $5 more dollars, that's how good it all is. Like most people, I am pretty savvy about downloading lots of digital freebies but I have NO REGRETS about this purchase. How's that for an endorsement? I am definitely using it either for my 2010 photo book or a fall "week in the life" project. I probably can't wait that long though, so get ready to see some of it in use soon.

Next, i phone wallpaper. Ashamed to admit I did not even know this was a feature on my iphone until I saw this download:
Not only is this provided for free, but if you go to their forums, you can find detailed instructions for how to get this on your iphone. I added my photos to the template, followed the directions and got it all running last night. I so love this idea. Thank you Katie, at Designer Digitals.

So cute that I had to do two versions. Above, is on my iphone.
Below, is on my home computer desktop.
I really intended to take some pictures of things I have been sewing but it rained all day here. And not just a little, torrential downpours. Not one ray of sunshine. I promise to get to that tomorrow. Pin It

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