Monday, August 31, 2009

a piece of photography heaven...

was found over the weekend. We visited our friends' newly purchased farm in Eastern Kentucky. Wow. Today's post will focus on scenery:

This is the gorgeous lake located on their property.
I took this one by simply looking up and snapping while standing down by the lake. If you climbed the hill and kept walking to the left, their house is located in that direction.
Later in the evening, near dusk, we took a hike (they call it the Poison Ivy trail?!) and came around the other side of their land, which eventually wound back around to the other side of the lake.
When I got down near the lake, I was greeted by the beautiful reflection of the trees and the moon. Yep, that white dot is the moon in the still blue sky.

I am so happy I lugged my camera around b/c I got some great, great photos that I think our friends are going to really enjoy. Next up....people shots.
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