Tuesday, September 8, 2009

good food

Over the weekend, I tried out a few new recipes. These cookies are by far, the best cookie I have ever made from scratch: Ultimate Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I think the "break and bake" variety are great and I can say with certainty that these are worth the effort, they are that good! The recipe is here.

I have slowly been going through 3 years of my Every Day with Rachael Ray magazines and tearing out my dog-eared recipes in order to save space on my cookbook shelf and in an effort to reuse and recycle ( I am gifting these to my cooking niece Kacie!). During this little project, I have run across many delicious recipes that I want to try. The first one I made? Ham and Swiss toasts. (The RR photo only shows the soup, sorry!) It surely does not get any easier than this! It makes a lot so I just had a 1/4 of one re-heated for lunch alongside a salad. I did not make the soup as it is not quite soup weather yet. I will make these again and I think they'd make a great appetizer and one that would travel easily to some one's home. Pin It

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