Monday, November 9, 2009

beer and cheese soup recipe

(photo from BHG--recipe HERE)
I have had the ingredients on hand for days, however, life has gotten in the way of cooking over here. So, around 2p, I cooked this up for my post lunch, bagel chaser. (My sickie is home from school but on the mend s l o w l y).

It is from BHG and was tasty. The red pepper taste is pretty strong so I would maybe cut back on those and for me, add more cheese. I did not fry the hashbrowns for the topping for my snack, I may do that when I have it for a real meal. I did mix in more hash browns, not pureed, for some more substance. Oh, and my best guess is that this makes about 4 portions. When I go to the trouble of preparing soup, I like to make lots and freeze it...although this might not freeze well anyway.

And did you hear the Pioneer Woman's cookbook is #1 on the NY Times list? Crazy. Pin It

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