Friday, November 6, 2009

celebrating light: photography overlays

There is lots of discussion out there about bokeh, which is the blurry blurbs of light you sometimes see on photographs (that is my dumbed down description!). She talks about bokeh and she often highlights sun flare. Read their blogs to learn more and be inspired. But, if you do not quite achieve the look by sheer talent or dumb luck, how about these tools:

Celebrating Light overlays by Leora Sanford at Little Dreamer. If you are a photography + photoshop enthusiast, block off some time b/c these are way too fun not to try out. And tweak. And then tweak some more. A reliable source tells me they might be on sale later today. Buy them here.

And on the home front, I think we have our first H1N1 candidate, Miss Shelby K. Miss Shelby hails from Ohio, sports a 102 temperature, little appetite and the desire to sleep a lot...leaving her mother with time to write this post. But not yet shower for the day. If the fever is still around tomorrow we will visit the ped's office perhaps for some Tamiflu. My poor girl.
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