Saturday, November 7, 2009

my girl is SO sick

We are on more than 24 hours of puking. The fever is gone, that is just about the only good news. The pediatrician says it is either a virus or the flu, "maybe the flu on the news" doesn't matter. Why? Because they don't treat any of those things. No tamiflu unless you are high risk. He even went so far as to say they are saving it for later, as this flu could revisit and be more brutal. Ugh. Everything else was ruled out: strep, ear infection etc. So, she suffers. And I nurse the poor pitiful thing. She finally fell asleep about 1 hour ago and so I ran to my office like a woman possessed. I honestly cannot endure one more minute of iCarly, Spongebob or Zack and Cody. I have mounds and stacks of things to do, that I need to do. Instead...I decide to start making something for me. It will hopefully be a good blend of:
Using my left over fabric from a banner I am making for my mantle as the circles/leaves.
So, for now I escape by cutting and ironing until the whimpers beckon me back down the hall.

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