Friday, November 20, 2009

creating the Christmas card

I have always loved making my cards. Once I had kids, it stepped up a notch, that is for sure. Then came the better camera, a little PhotoShop knowledge and I have been unstoppable!

This one is from 2005. Look at those little sweeties!

I think this was 2006. This one was very well received b/c there were so many pictures.

I had all intentions of coming up with something new and fantastic for this year. And then this week, I happened on these gems from Becky Higgins and I just kept coming back to them.

So instead of planning a card around a picture or idea, this year I am planning pictures to fit one of these cards! Tonight I made all of us girls some pink and green striped scarves to sport tomorrow for a little photo shoot. And because Skipper does not know any better, he might be wearing a version of it as well. Not sure who will appear in the final copy--just the girls, girls + dog, the whole family...we'll just have to see what we get tomorrow. I am excited. And I have already sufficiently threatened my children to comply. Yea, like that EVER works.
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Heather said...

So cute - I too have to get pictures taken and start figuring out how I want my card to look.
Can't wait to see your final product!

Christina Smith said...

I love what you have planned! And I really like the cards you've made in the past, too!