Saturday, November 21, 2009

the photo shoot

One beautiful, grown up looking girl.
A sassy one up a little closer (and yes, I am wishing that shadow on her face was a bit less harsh).
And then, without giving away the whole surprise of receiving a Christmas card, the family picture. In my book, if everyone is present, and looking the same way, it's a keeper! The only mystery that remains is which card did I choose? I already uploaded to Kodak, and since I have never used them before, I got 50 prints free making the cost of my cards, including shipping, a mere $6. I also ordered each of these as an 8x10 (from Costco, my forever trusty source) to replace my existing photos in my large matted frames. All in all, a productive day, despite the fact I feel like crap-ola. I think I am fighting off a cold.

(Thanks to my neighbor for stepping in to shoot a few frames of all of us together. He got this one. Go Dave!)

I made the scarves from these directions. Super fast, easy and perfect for this occasion. I got the fleece at JoAnns.
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Carla said...

SOOOO impressive; i love the pics! and all your handy dandy crafting! will i get a christmas card?! sure hope so!! i always want to send photo cards @ xmas time and then i am faced with the perplexing dilemma of "how lame is a photo card of YOURSELF!?" can i borrow your children? my friends and i joke that i should get a pet rock or something.

Amy said...

can't wait to get the card!!!!! loving the pic