Thursday, December 3, 2009

a good mail day...

A mailer from Costco filled with these 3 new family photos which I promptly put in the frames.
A mailer from Kodak filled with my 100 Chrismtas photo cards.
The cards were thought to be pink, so I had printed out some of these cute envelope address wraps ahead of time in pink to coordinate. Well, they arrived looking more like red. I am thinking that is a Kodak color match error of some sort but they look good enough and I have no time to sweat the small stuff. Luckily, the blog with the wraps also has red, so I printed the rest in that color. This is my stack on the couch. In progress: filling envelopes, addressing labels, cutting labels, gluing labels to envelopes...
Card design freebie by Becky Higgins.
Envelope wraps freebie found ::HERE.

And here is my mantle as of this morning. I got my new stockings from etsy seller Rik Rak. I love them. I failed to confirm any dimensions so they are a bit on the small side but I actually think they work perfectly here. My kids hung Skipper's new stocking from a berry branch, I need to find it a better home. I made the Be Merry banner. The ribbon tree was made by my Mom although my sister and niece have whipped up some cute ones too. Last year, Olivia made the brick snowgirl with earmuffs as a class Christmas party craft . And yes, I was the room mom :) On my white chair is the Christmas tree pillow I made when Shelby was sick a few weeks ago.

Now to answer the question "how did you find the time to do this today" let me answer: now Olivia is home with the stomach flu. I seem to get my craft on when I am standing guard.
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Katelyn said...

I love the pillow! too cute. All of it looks great.