Sunday, December 21, 2008

classroom project: snowman pavers

A lot of my time the past two weeks was spent organizing Olivia's school party. I saw this idea originally online but then Family Fun showed by far, the cutest version ever. And so, the room moms from all of the second grade classes, teamed up to make this happen. Cute but HEAVY!!
If you will notice, my daughter is also sporting pierced ears?! Her father took her on Thursday night so it was not a total shock to me. However, her 4 year old sister also has her ears pierced. Now that one took me by surprise! So far, they are doing well and taking care of them.
We also incorporated a service project into the classroom party and the kids brought in donations for the Hope Lodge in Cincinnati. It is alot like the Ronald McDonald House concept but serves adults who are receiving cancer care in Cincinnati, but live far away. Yesterday, I dropped of an entire van load of goods to them. Although I have shopping left to do, and nearly all my wrapping, food to buy and prepare for Wednesday and Thursday--this was worth the time spent. Not only is it just a wonderful service, but the grounds and facility are beautiful, spectacular really.
4 days to go!
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