Sunday, December 20, 2009

project 365 and life with a new laptop

9 days ago I got my first laptop. It is an HP and I am totally, thoroughly pleased with my purchase. Right now, let's bow our heads and say thank you and we love you Windows 7. Amazing. Each day I find something new to impress me. Yesterday: snipping tool. Today: ease of installing new Fonts.

I have planted myself more firmly on the first floor of the house, instead of my usual perch in my second floor office. I am enjoying being more present in my family's life while also getting work related, computer related, tasks completed. The perfect example? Last night I digi scrapbooked my first page on the laptop, while watching Elf, with the rest of the fam. I have a lot to learn on PSE 7 since I am used to PS CS2 but I am pleased with how things are going. I completed this page to add to my Project 365 2009 photobook. I need to bring more photos down on a flash drive so I can crank out some more.

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Anonymous said...

I just for the snipping tool yesterday as well!!! Oh, how I am in love with my new laptop and I am pretty sure it loves me right back.