Thursday, January 7, 2010

the Snow day

This one. She is my snow angel. Lover of the outdoors. She can last out there forever. And did. Don't tell my mom but it was over 2 hours.
The snow pup. He loved it. Loved chasing it. Eating it. Finding hidden treasures in it. Chasing the girls on the sleds. And yes, that is a shovel dumping load after load on the poor dog...
A more literal snow angel here. She is not as big of fan of the elements. More crying. Wet hands. Cold hands. Ice in the eyelashes.

And the after. Skipper the dog had ice cubes matted in his fur upon coming inside. I tried my best to dry him. Having no dog experience, I wonder if it was even safe to be that cold? Anyway, my man who usually has one SPEED actually did get tuckered out this time. He is snoozing while we are preparing hot chocolate, talking loudly and I am unloading the dishwasher. I'd say we finally managed to wear him out.
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Mrs. E said...

Great photo of your daughter!