Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Where did she go?

When I pause from running in circles, I ask myself the same thing. This might explain a bit of what has been keeping me busy:

And this, Little Dreamer.

And this, Cincinnati Rewards.

My love for blogs, social media, writing, computing, photoshopping & picture taking has evolved into a business of sorts that I am loving.

Dave has been pitching in like crazy which is making this all possible. When I arrived home on Saturday, he had taken down all the Christmas decor and put it away in the basement. That is a task I DREAD and it was all done. And last night, we returned home from basketball practice to find hamburgers and baked beans ready to eat. It's good living I tell you. I have always wanted a wife :)

The girls are back in school, adjusting slowly to the schedule. The sisters had been living like rockstars for two weeks: staying up all night and sleeping late into the morning!

Tomorrow comes the S N O W.

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1 comment:

Carla said...

ok absolutely LOVED your new year's life lessons post. i should so do that. good stuff.

what is this brides buddy deal? i saw it on your linked in update but still don't know what it's about?