Saturday, January 16, 2010

soup's on

Yesterday, I made this vegetable soup again which is perhaps the simplest recipe I own with the most delicious results. I loved it last year but did not totally love the spicy part. Only b/c I did not have all the ingredients on hand did I alter this, and it turned out even better (to me at least). My substitutions included one can of vegetable broth in place of one of the cans of beef broth and I used petite diced tomatoes instead of the ro-tel style tomatoes. A bit milder, more traditional taste resulted.

I have taken SO FEW pictures this year but I need to b/c there are things I want to share. Like Shelby's newly rearranged room courtesy of her Dad. Or Olivia's new smile that is currently minus one more tooth. Or my little injured puppy who spends some time resembling a tri pod b/c he has a hurt knee...which is a long story for another post. I will preface it with this: luxating patellas...plural. Pin It

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Aunt Kelly said...

Art loved the veggie soup....Thank you so much

Well I guess a little more would help for Uncle Eddie...Poor guy