Friday, February 26, 2010

my 2009 coin quilt is

finally done!

I spent time during the Olympics finishing up the binding. I washed it a few days ago. It survived, got good and crinkly but does have a few flaws. That's OK though. I love it. I even took a nap under it one afternoon this week when I was feeling under the weather. The back yellow side is a recycled yellow sheet from our King Size bed, the other half had ripped so I salvaged this one and it is super soft. The grey and blacks were from Hobby Lobby, the two yellows were fat quarters from vintage sheets that I bought on Etsy and the binding is a yellow pin dot. The size is...different. Long and skinny! Once again, this matches nothing in my house (currently) but I just loved the color combo.
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1 comment:

Kelly said...

I love the quilt.....If I estimate correctly, if you start now you can make of for my birthday in October...:)

You are so talented.